Kardiosis Cardiologic Diagnostic Systems Ltd. was founded in 1988. Main production line is our own design PC based ECG devices and their software. We are also manufacturing treadmill for ECG stress test systems. All these products have been mainly sold in Turkey and in neighbor countries so far. The sales activities have been performed by our partner company Tepa Inc. under Tepa/ Kardiosis brands. (www.tepa.com.tr/eng/index.php)

In 2001, Kardiosis designed full USB compatible ECG, which is completely a plug& play device, with the support of PC’s with all Windows operating systems. With this product, TEPA was awarded with Technology Success Award by Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey in the year 2002. (http://www.teknoloji.org.tr/kongre4.html)

TEPA/Kardiosis PC- ECG concept is based on this USB-ECG module.

TEPA/Kardiosis reached a total of installations of approximately one thousand ECG Stress Test Systems with treadmil in Turkey.


Tel: +90 312 257 0477 e-mail: info@kardiosis.com.tr

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